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Native Auth & Google OAuth Setup Guide

This guide outlines how you can get setup to use Native Authentication with the Nylas APIs to connect mail accounts.

Native Auth + Google OAuth Setup Guide

You need three pieces of information before you can authorize a Google account through Nylas’ APIs. First is the Google client_id and client_secret that you should receive after creating your application in Google’s Developer Console. The final piece is a refresh_token which is what Google will give you after a user approves access to their account.


To learn about how to create a Google application that will work with Nylas, follow the setup guide here. You can also learn more about this process in Google’s documentation.


If you’re a Nylas customer and you’d like push notifications enabled for Calendars, please add [email protected] as a project Editor

Setting up Google OAuth to work with Nylas

This guide will help you set up a Google API project that will be compatible with Nylas, but doesn’t cover how to get a refresh token. To learn more about general OAuth setup, follow Google’s guide.

Visit the Google Developer Console and select Create Project. Give your project a descriptive name, click Create and wait for the activity to complete.

Once the project has been created, you must enable all of following by searching for their names:

  • Gmail API
  • Contacts API
  • Calendar API

After you’ve enabled the appropriate APIs, click on the credentials tab and create a new OAuth client ID.

Next you need to configure the consent screen. This is where you can add your logo and change how the OAuth page will look to your users. Be sure to add appropriate redirect and origin URIs. This is how you’ll receive the access and refresh tokens from Google.

Add [email protected] as a Project Editor to your application and let us know that you’ve done so. [email protected]

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Native Auth & Google OAuth Setup Guide

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