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Re-enabling stopped accounts

Sometimes accounts are automatically stopped if they receive the same error from a mail server too many times. You might see an error like this from our API when making some kind of modifying HTTP request (note this might not show for read-only api requests):

  "message": "This action can't be performed because the account's sync has been stopped. Please contact [email protected] to resume sync.",
  "type": "invalid_request_error"

It’s possible the account was stopped because of a transient issue and re-enabling it might resolve the problem. If you’d like to try re-enabling sync in this case, you can use the accounts management api to start re-syncing the stopped account as a temporary workaround.

Try downgrading the account and then upgrading the account using the account management endpoints:

curl -X POST -u YOUR_APP_SECRET https://api.nylas.com/a/YOUR_APP_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/downgrade
curl -X POST -u YOUR_APP_SECRET https://api.nylas.com/a/YOUR_APP_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/upgrade

The account should be re-queued to sync within a minute, and you should be able to successfully make API requests moving forward.

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Re-enabling stopped accounts

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