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Contacts API

Learn about the Nylas Contacts API

The Nylas Contacts API powers your application with a secure, reliable connection to your user’s contacts. Contact details update in real-time, so your users always have the most recent, accurate data. Get bi-directional contacts sync and full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) capabilities from Google Contacts, Microsoft Exchange Contacts, iCloud, Outlook.com contacts with just a few lines of code.

The Nylas Contacts API provides a REST interface that includes functionality to

  • Read data for a user’s contacts including name, email, phone number, notes, and more.
  • Create new contacts and modify existing contacts.


This section covers all of the endpoints the Nylas Contacts API provides to enable you to integrate full contacts book functionality into your app.


The Contacts endpoint provides access to the user's contacts, making it easy to add contact autocomplete, address book integration, and more to your application.

Other Features of the Nylas Contacts API

The Nylas Communications Platform provides other functionality that makes it easy for you to build your contacts integration.
Filtering allow you to narrow requests based on specific parameters like email or street address, phone numbers, and location. Filters help you reduce the size of your API requests, resulting in faster performance.
Pagination makes it possible to control the number of results that are returned.
Webhooks allow your application to receive notifications when contacts are created, updated, or deleted.
Deltas enable you to process new data quickly without fetching an index of the user's contacts book or performing a large number of API calls.

Next Steps

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Set up Postman - Postman makes it easy to explore the Nylas Contacts API.

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Contacts API

Learn about the Nylas Contacts API

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