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Calendar API

Learn about the Nylas Calendar API

The Nylas Calendar API powers your application with a secure, reliable connection to your user’s calendars. Sync historic and live events into your application in real-time.

The Nylas Calendar API provides a REST interface that includes functionality to:

  • Access data for calendars and events, such as event titles, location, description, dates, and more.
  • Schedule events, send notifications, and RSVP to existing events.


The Nylas Scheduler is the fastest way to add full calendar functionality to your application, allowing your users to create highly-customizable scheduling pages. Now attendees and organizers can easily view availability and book meetings using your application without needing third-party scheduling solutions.

Calendar API Endpoints

This section covers all of the endpoints the Nylas Calendar API provides to enable you to integrate full calendar functionality into your app.


Each account connected to Nylas can have zero or more calendars, and each calendar contains a collection of individual events. Accounts can have many calendars including a primary calendar, shared team calendars, read access to colleagues' calendars, and other custom calendars. Calendars that are associated with email accounts typically have a primary calendar for the user's email, as well as an emailed events calendar that contains events that have been sent to a user's email inbox.


Events are objects within a calendar that generally support all features and attributes of modern scheduling apps like event names, list of participants, descriptions, location, time, etc. Nylas supports all event functionality you would expect, including sending email invites, RSVP status checks and notifications, creating and modifying events, and recurring events.

Ready to Build With The Nylas Calendar API?

Other Features of the Nylas Calendar API

The Nylas Communications Platform provides other functionality that makes it easy for you to build your calendar integration.

Filtering allow you to narrow requests based on specific parameters like event titles, locations, and start and end time. Filters help you reduce the size of your API requests which results in faster performance.

Pagination makes it possible to control the number of results that are returned.

Webhooks allow your application to receive notifications when certain events occur such the creation or update of calendars and events.

Deltas enable you to process new data quickly without fetching an index of the user's calendar or performing a large number of API calls.

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Calendar API

Learn about the Nylas Calendar API

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