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Welcome to the Nylas developer hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Nylas as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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Nylas Support

As a Nylas customer, it is our utmost priority that you have success integrating and scaling your business on our platform. All Nylas customers have free access to our Basic support plan, defined below.

In order to receive timely support, please follow the guidelines listed here to ensure your requests are triaged and responded to appropriately.

Contacting Support

Support plans are optional but recommended for applications with mission-critical uptime requirements or integration timeline deadlines.

Before submitting your issue, please make sure we haven't reported the issue first at https://status.nylas.com.

You can submit an issue here.

Send from your company domain!

Please make sure you submit support issues from the domain associated with your production Nylas application. This will ensure your issues are appropriately triaged on our end.

Support Plans

Response times apply during business hours of 8AM – 8PM PST.

Basic Support

Documentation & SDKs

Initial Response

Tier 1: 24 hours
Tier 2: 48 hours
Tier 3: 48 hours

Tier 1: 12 hours
Tier 2: 24 hours
Tier 3: 24 hours

Tier 1: 4 hours
Tier 2: 12 hours
Tier 3: 12 hours

Follow-up Response

Tier 1: 72 hours
Tier 2: 72 hours
Tier 3: 72 hours

Tier 1: 48 hours
Tier 2: 72 hours
Tier 3: 72hours

Tier 1: 24 hours
Tier 2: 48 hours
Tier 3: 48 hours

Dedicated Platform Engineer

Office Hours

Custom Feature Implementation

Detailed pricing upon request



Support Definitions

Priority Levels

Choosing an accurate priority level helps our support team prioritize issues for your organization in the correct order. To include a priority when submitting a ticket, please select a priority from the dropdown menu when submitting your ticket.

Priority Description
Urgent These are issues that cause severe or significant degradation of services to all or a very large number of your customers. Critical functions are affected and business processes cannot move forward.
High These are issues that cause moderate degradation of services to a limited number of customers, or to one specific high-importance customer.
Normal These are issues that cause minor degradation affecting a single customer.
Low No customers are affected. Issues that are less time sensitive.

Documentation and SDKs

Full Access to the API documentation and SDKs.

Access to Support

Direct access to our always on-call engineers for tier-1 issues. Enterprise-level customers have a Sr. Nylas Engineer available to troubleshoot critical issues by phone at any time, 24x7x365.

First-reply Times

A support agent will respond within this timeframe for your ticket. Our Enterprise-tier customers are able to get phone support from their Nylas engineer instantly and at any time.

Follow-up Times

After the first-contact response, we will quickly follow-up on your support issue, and drive it to completion. While we cannot guarantee that your support issue will be resolved within this timeframe, every reasonable effort will be made to do so. You will be kept in the loop with regular updates, and your case only marked as resolved if your problem is fixed, or you don't respond to a query or request from us within 3 days.

Dedicated Platform Engineer

Business and Enterprise-level customers are supported by engineers that help developers troubleshoot usage of Nylas API and SDK integration, and work to solve operational problems with Nylas resources. Does not include custom code development.

Office Hours

We want everyone using Nylas to be successful. We offer Office Hours every Tuesday and Thursday that you can sign up for to speak with a Nylas Engineer about anything. You can sign up for Office Hours by opening a ticket with support.

Custom Feature Implementation

Our developers will quickly build elegant and customized feature integration solutions for your enterprise. Pricing is per project and contingent upon scope.

Checking status of ongoing tickets

Please see How to view open support tickets for your organization to check in on open tickets for your organization.

Nylas Support

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