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Google Accounts Integration

The Nylas Communications Platform drastically reduces the effort it takes to build and maintain a Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts integration. With just a few lines of code, you can integrate full email, calendar, and contacts functionality into your application.

Get Started With Your Google Integration

In order to integrate Google accounts into your application, you first need to connect your Nylas app to a Google API project. This will enable users to authenticate with their Google account and provide access to the data that you stipulate in the Google API.

:arrow-right: Learn how to set up your Google project.

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Get Ready for Production

Google Security Review Process

Google requires apps that access restricted scopes to go through an extensive security review process. There are costs associated with this process that you will be required to pay; however, there are some exceptions for certain types of apps:

  • Apps that only need access to sensitive scopes are only required to go through Google’s verification process, which incurs no additional costs.
  • Apps that access less than 100 Gmail accounts.
  • Apps that are configured to work only with Google accounts that are internal to your organization.
  • Apps that have been whitelisted by GSuite admins.

Keep in mind the Google app verification process can take up to 4 weeks, and the security review can take up to an additional 4-6 weeks. Please plan accordingly to meet your launch date.

Review Google's FAQ on the verification process for more details.

Fortunately, Nylas has partnered with Google to provide a streamlined verification and security review process for Nylas customers, and we’re here to help when you’re ready to move to production. Reach out to Nylas support to start this conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Build with the Nylas SDKs

The Nylas SDKs are the quickest way to get started integrating the Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts into your app. We offer SDKs for Python, Node.js, and Ruby to suit a variety of preferences.

Ready to Build Your Gmail Integration?

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