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Gathering Exchange Logs

Sometimes Nylas is unable to sync email due to internal server errors on the Exchange server. Because we don’t have access to any logging information, it’s hard to determine why the Exchange server is experiencing these errors. This guide will show you how to enable logging for your account so that you can share more detailed error information from the Exchange server.

  1. Open Outlook (Mail) on the web
  2. Click settings
  3. Search “Mobile Devices”
  4. Arrange by last sync time
  1. View Details of iPhone mobile devices and confirm the User-Agent is python-EAS-client 1.0 which is the name Nylas uses to connect. There should be two iPhone s with the python-EAS-client 1.0 user agent.
  1. Click the Paper with the arrow coming out of it to enable device logging.
  1. Reproduce the behavior that is causing the issue. If you have a general sync issue, try sending a test email and then let the logger gather data for 10 minutes or so.
  2. Click the stop logging button
  3. An email will arrive with the log titled “Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Logs” in your inbox.
  4. Download and include that email as an attachment when you create your issue.

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Gathering Exchange Logs

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