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Exchange Server Errors

Server Error Retry Later 111 / 85

When syncing email through the ActiveSync protocol, sometimes the server will return a 111 error, which in most cases is a transient issue.

Nylas will retry the request following ActiveSync’s suggested procedures, and in most cases the issue will be resolved.

We do our best to support as many email servers as possible, but sometimes servers will repeatedly return a 111 error code despite Nylas having followed the appropriate steps to cooperate with the server.

If we repeatedly receive the error despite multiple retry attempts then Nylas may stop attempting to sync the email account. If this happens, we recommend reaching out to the email provider / administrator to see if they can help further diagnose the issues happening on their server.

ServerError 110

Sometimes an Exchange server will return a 110 error code, which means the Exchange server has experienced an internal server error. Sometimes Nylas will try the same request again to see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn’t, Nylas may stop syncing the email account. We recommend reaching out to your email provider so they can help further debug the server issue with you.

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Exchange Server Errors

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