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Common Yahoo Authentication Issues

Yahoo users might have trouble authenticating with Nylas if they haven't changed a setting within their Yahoo account called "Allow apps that use less secure sign in".

Users can temporarily enable this setting to authenticate with third-party apps like Nylas.

To give temporary access while updating:

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Go to the "Account security" settings.
  3. Turn on "Allow apps that use less secure sign in".
  4. Try authenticating again with Nylas.

Users might also need to create an app-specific password to authenticate the account with Nylas if they have two-factor authentication enabled.

When the setting "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" is turned on, you'll get regular alerts reminding you to turn it off. To do so, just follow steps 1-2 above and turn off "Allow apps that use less secure sign in."

This setting does not need to be enabled permanently, but may be required during re-authentication.

Common Yahoo Authentication Issues

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