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Developer Guide


This guide covers everything you need to know to authenticate accounts through the Nylas API. We'll walk through several steps to get you set up. By the end you'll have the knowledge to authenticate user accounts to your application in production!

Nylas supports several authentication types including secure password authentication for legacy servers as well as modern OAuth authentication for Google and Microsoft accounts.

Furthermore, Nylas supports identity providers (IDP) with single sign on (SSO) capabilities like Okta and OneLogin. If your customers require SSO for their Office365 or GSuite accounts through a 3rd party IDP, as long as you support OAuth authentication for Office365 or GSuite you can authenticate these accounts as you normally would with no additional setup.

To get started supporting OAuth, please see our Office365 OAuth Setup Guide and Google OAuth Setup Guide.

Get your developer API keys

If you haven't already done so, please sign up or login to the Nylas Dashboard to access your application's client_id before moving forward. See the Get Your Developer API Keys guide if you need help.

Authentication Flows

There are two main authentication flows that allow you to start syncing account data with Nylas: hosted and native. You'll need to decide which method is best for the application that you're building.

Hosted Authentication

Hosted Authentication is the fastest way to authenticate users to your application through a login experience hosted by Nylas. All you need to do is redirect your user to Nylas' login page. We'll handle provider detection, authentication error handling, and autofill server connection settings.

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Native Authentication

With Native Authentication, you can authenticate users directly in-app without ever needing to redirect to Nylas. This gives you full control over the flow and look & feel of the login experience, and also allows you to control which kinds of providers your application supports. With Native Authentication, you'll need to set up developer apps with underlying providers like Google and Microsoft and configure your Nylas application to use them.

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Need an access token, fast?

If you'd like an access_token to start testing the API right now, you can authenticate an account through the Nylas Dashboard.

What's Next

Get started with the authentication flow of your choice below.

Hosted Authentication
Native Authentication


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