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Developer Guide

App Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate the Nylas communication platform into your app

šŸ‘‹ Welcome to Nylas! This will help you get started integrating the Nylas API with your application. It's packed with best practices and other important tips that will make your integration a breeze.

If you ever feel stuck or run into a tricky issue please let us know - we're here to help.


Hey there šŸ‘‹

New here? Our Getting Started guide is a great place to begin. Make sure you've followed the guide to Get your developer api keys šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» before continuing with this guide.



Important info below!

To make sure your integration goes as smoothly as possible we recommend reading through each of the linked guides below. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact our support team.

To learn about how Nylas works behind the scenes, check out our How Nylas Works guide. This guide covers our API and Sync architecture, data storage policies, and what you can expect from our API performance-wise.

There are a couple of ways you can authenticate email accounts to Nylas. This guide covers what those options are, some very important information on how to manage Nylas access_tokens, and other common authentication issues your application should be ready to handle.

Should you sync mail data using Deltas, Webhooks, or Polling? This guide covers tradeoffs for the various approaches to pull email, calendar, and contacts data into your application.

How do you ensure the best chances of emails being delivered without ending up in SPAM?

Want to whitelabel the authentication experience? Concerned about message deliverability? Check out various examples of common use cases and the best way to approach these challenges.

Third-Party Account Integrations

Learn about what it takes to integrate accounts from 3rd parties like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Or, take a look at IMAP integrations.

šŸ’» SDKs

We officially support and maintain three SDKs to help integrate your app with the Nylas APIs:

Node SDK
Python SDK
Ruby SDK

Coming Soon

The Nylas communication platform is constantly improving, and we're creating documentation to help you build better apps. Stay tuned for additional guides to help you build industry-leading email, calendar, and contacts integrations.

If you need help with any of these topics right now, reach out reach out to Nylas support.

šŸš§ Error handling and rate limiting - To build a robust integration with any API, you need to have solid error handling, rate limiting, and retry policies in place. This guide will help make sure you're following industry best practices for production-ready applications.
šŸ’µ Managing Accounts and Billing - Learn about how Nylas determines your monthly usage, how to manage account status, and how to see the health of paid accounts.

šŸ”’ Security and Compliance

Nylas complies with the following:

  • SOC2
  • EU Privacy Shield
  • GDPR

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that you might find useful.

  • Take a look at the quickstart guides for the Nylas email, calendar, and contacts APIs to explore the features of the Nylas communication platform.
  • Set up Postman to make it easy to explore the Nylas API.
  • Finally, you can always take a look at the API reference for more details about how the Nylas APIs work.

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App Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate the Nylas communication platform into your app

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